Añejo (aged) tequila is, as the name implies, aged in wooden barrels for a minimum of one year and sometimes as long as five. Generally the term "añejo" is reserved for 100% agave tequila but there are occasional exceptions. The most notable being "Sauza Commemorativo Añejo" which is a mixto ( mixto tequila is blend of agave and other sugars.)

If you have visited my Tequila Pages in the past you may have come away with the impression that I do not like aged tequila. This is not true. I sometimes truly enjoy sipping a nicely balanced añejo and appreciate the more complex nature of spirits in this category. Añejo tequilas take the most time, effort and care and therefore are the pride of a master tequilero. They are the eldest cousins of their respective blanco and reposado relatives and complete a tequila family. The best añejo tequilas have not been over powered by wood tones, yet benefit from the aging process by being very smooth while hopefully maintaining some of the agave flavor. When looking for an añejo remember that older is not necessarily better. 5 years is about the maximum a Tequila can sit in a barrel and not begin to deteriorate ( There are a couple of companies that have pushed this to 6 years ). All these things considered be prepared to spend a bit more, sometimes a lot more on tequila añejo. They are best for sipping and though I personally don't use them in cocktails, many aficionados and upscale restaurants do.

The tequila in these tours is just a small fraction of what has been or is available. Indeed, they barely scratch the surface. The Tequila Tours will continue to be a work in progress as I will add new products along with contributions from other aficionados and collectors.