• NOM 1122 •

Casa Cuervo, S.A. DE C.V. 'Los Camachines'

• Importer •

Heublein, Inc.

I used to list 1800 under the Cuervo name even though it was marketed separately from the Cuervo line of tequila. 1800 is produced at Cuervo's secondary factory "Los Camachines" along with the other 100% agave line of "Gran Centenario." Though neither of these labels are officially considered part of the Cuervo line they are produced at NOM 1122 which is completely controlled by Cuervo. This older US version of 1800 does have a faux wax stamp of the Cuervo seal applied the bottle and this product is/was quite commonly referred to as "Cuervo 1800". Later bottles of 1800 employed a different seal with absolutely no mention of any ties to Cuervo and while the imported 1800 Reposado was still a mixed tequila bottled in the USA, this Añejo was 100% agave. It's noteworthy that currently 1800 has three basic varieties and they are all 100% agave. The latest version of 100% agave añejo is seen on the following page and 1800 does have it's own website at: 1800tequila.com