• NOM 1146 •

Tequilena, S.A. DE C.V.

• Importer •

Tist Tequila Co.

This tequila was originally introduced as Tequila Lapiz with a "Z" and later the name was changed to Lapis. I was used to seeing the early bottles of 'Lapiz' and the change was subtle using the same logo and bottles. I assumed the name change was probably some sort of a legal issue or something and then I discovered that the word 'lapiz' in Spanish is 'pencil'. This product was most likely given the name by the importer who was probably going for the Latin word of 'lapis' referring to the semiprecious blue gemstone and meant to represent the 100% 'blue' agave tequila. Tist Tequila Co. probably realized they were marketing a product named 'Pencil Tequila' and switched the name. I believe the first time I tried Lapis was at Maria's in Sante Fe. They have excellent Mexican food and an extremely large selection of Tequilas. Lapis Añejo has a rich golden color and a very nice balance of flavors. It's very smooth and the agave flavor is not overwhelmed by it's time in the wood.