Blancos in my opinion should warrant the most appeal and admiration from the 100% agave faithful. This is tequila at it's most pure and simple state. At this point direct from the still is when a tequila is obviously fresh and true to the nose and taste. Resting or aging a poor blanco may improve it's taste but a blanco may also truly loose it's charm when made into a reposado or añejo. I really do like a lot of reposado and añejo tequila but they are often aged or rested in barrels acquired from other countries and therefore lose at least some of their Mexican roots. I find something extremely romantic and elegant about the concept of tequila right out of the still and untampered with.

Blanco or Plata tequilas are fine for being sipped and should be if you want the true essence of a 100% agave tequila. Although I will often mix drinks with a reposado I will almost never mix with an añejo. Tequila blanco is a great choice for cocktails, especially Margaritas because you maintain the simple balance of a good drink without the introduced flavors of the wood.

The tequila in these tours is just a small fraction of what has been or is available. Indeed, they barely scratch the surface. The Tequila Tours will continue to be a work in progress as I will add new products along with contributions from other aficionados and collectors.