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Casa Cuervo, S.A. DE C.V. 'Los Camachines'

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Skyy Spirits

The bottle pictured above was purchased by Lou in Mexico before we heard any rumblings about an 1800 blanco here. As far as I know 1800 is the first 100% agave blanco to be produced at any completely Cuervo owned facility (At least in the modern era when these things began to be defined). In December of 2003 I was able to tour Cuervo's La Rojeña factory in the town of Tequila with a couple other "tequila" friends. After the tour we were treated to samples of the new 1800 line and they were all 100% agave. An interesting choice, I thought, because 1800 is produced at Cuervo's other factory in La Laja, Jalisco. We were not offered any tequila that was produced at La Rojeña that we had just toured. I don't know if this is the normal procedure or if it was because they knew we were "tequila" people. I also wasn't sure if this new line would be exported or only sold in Mexico but sure enough not long after in 2004 this new 100% agave blanco arrived. The tequila is labeled as "Silver" here in the U.S. and the new 1800 web site claims the blanco was "mellowed in wooden barrels" which gives it a slight golden color similar to that of Herradura Silver. The site also claims that 1800 "Silver" is "The Worlds first and only super-premium, 100% agave silver tequila" which is obviously an inaccurate statement. What can you do with a miss informed American marketing department?
I'm still giving this blanco a 4 star rating for several reasons. For one it's a very smooth and enjoyable tequila blanco. In addition to this I'm absolutely ecstatic that it's retailing for less than $25.00. We in this country have been deprived of an entry level or economical 100% agave tequila blanco for a long time. With rested products like Hornitos and Tradicional priced in that range, why not un-aged equivalents? The fairly new Sauza Tres Generaciones "Plata" is normally priced between 30 and 40 bucks. The same has been true for Herradura Silver and the new El Tesoro Platinum is usually at least $40.00. This $25.00 tag by 1800 may have already had an effect on these competitors as I've recently noticed Herradura reducing the price of it's Silver.

You cannot write about 1800 without mentioning Cuervo because after all that is who makes it. The truth is great lengths have been taken to separate 1800 from the Cuervo name. Much like Gran Centenario. Early on in 1800's history it was often labeled as Cuervo 1800. Later and more recent versions no longer used the Cuervo name but the Cuervo crest was still used on the labels. Now the transformation is complete and there is no mention of Cuervo anywhere on 1800 products.