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Tequila Los Abuelos, S.A. DE C.V. -Destilería La Fortaleza

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Tequila Los Abuelos is already meeting with rave reviews from those that have been fortunate enough to taste this tequila produced with the most traditional production techniques in the industry.

The Story

For Guillermo Erickson Sauza, Tequila Los Abuelos is the realization of a dream. Guillermo (GES) is descended from the famous Sauza family and now a 5th generation tequila producer. However, let it be noted that Tequila Los Abuelos is in no way affiliated with current industry giant, Tequila Sauza. In the 1970's the remaining and substantial interest of Tequila Sauza was sold to the Spanish company, Pedro Domecq. The Sauza family did retain one relatively small, albeit extremely prime piece of property on the edge of the town of Tequila. Guillermo's Grandfather, Don Francisco Javier Sauza (The third Sauza of “Tres Generaciones”) built a beautiful house on the hill top of this property over looking the historic town. He lived out the remainder of his days with family and giving back to the town of Tequila that he loved. Enter the grandson of Don Javier almost 30 years later. Looking upon this property still owned by his family, GES saw a fair amount of estate grown agave and something even more compelling. Just inside the gates of the of this family estate was a small, dilapidated old factory that had not been in operation for decades. Compelled by the legacy of his grandfathers GES went to work on the labor intensive task of restoring and renovating this antiquated factory
which housed a pit for crushing agave with a Tahona (large stone wheel). His vision was to produce a great tequila the “old way" in honor of his grandfathers. His tatarabuelo, (great, great grandfather) Don Cenobio; his bisabuelo, (great granfather) Don Eladio; and abuelo (grandfather) Don Javier had done so much to shape the tequila industry from the beginning. Their impact on the town of Tequila and it's history is apparent through dedicated landmarks, statues and services seen and observed in the community to this day. The name for this tequila came easy to GES. “Los Abuelos”, The Grandfathers.

The Tequila

I had the very distinct honor of meeting Guillermo E. Sauza several years ago and the passion for his legacy and this tequila was immediately obvious. I've had the privilege and honor to see the progression of Los Abuelos from before it was bottled to the present. In December of 2003 Tim Carter and I were able to visit the La Fortaleza factory and taste the Los Abuelos Blanco for the first time. Sure the atmosphere was perfect, as we drank this fresh blanco with Guillermo in the Sauza family Casa but we knew right then we were dealing with something special. Since that day we've been back several times and seen the progress of the factory production and growth. Everything about the La Fortaleza factory is a treat for the senses to tequila aficionados. In many ways it's like getting a look back in time at the way tequila was made in the old days.

The Blanco

I absolutely love everything about each tequila from Los Abuelos but this Blanco for me really tells the story. It tells the truth. A true agave experience.