• NOM 1137 •

La Cofradia, S.A. DE C.V.

• Importer •

Vamonos Rapido LLC

This is the most expensive tequila I have seen in this category and it is somewhat unusual. According to the Casa Noble website this tequila has been rested in French White Oak barrels for a period of two months. This is enough time to qualify it as a reposado but the term "Gold" implies that it has had additional color and/or flavor added as well. In this case the process was added to not only a 100% agave product but to a premium triple distilled tequila with two months in the wood. Casa Noble "Gold" is definitely another quality tequila and the Casa Noble website proudly displays the fact that this spirit was the recipient of a Silver Award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2000. I also liked this tequila but personally prefer the "Crystal." Casa Noble Crystal is the same triple distilled tequila without the introduced flavors and it costs a few dollars less.

Casa Noble has a web site in English at: http://www.casanoble.com
or in Spanish at: http://www.casanoble.com.mx