Tequila Joven, or young tequila, as the term states, is just that, a young tequila. These tequilas are often labeled as "Gold" in the USA and "Joven" in México. A designation of Gold or Joven also usually implies, since it's not called blanco that the young tequila has had an additional process of using additives ,usually caramel, which adds sugar and the "gold" color. This is done to take the edge off an unaged tequila and is less expensive than resting the tequila in wooden barrels. It is most commonly done with mixto tequila, the most familiar being products like Cuervo "Gold" and Sauza "Gold." There are tequila "snobs," mainly here in the U.S. that turn up their nose at this category but in fact it is a time honored process in Mexico. It's true that if you're after premium tequila you should be looking to 100% agave products but the 100% phrase does not guarantee the tequila is better than every 51% agave tequila. I did not have a section for these tequilas in my earlier pages mainly because my interest is centered on 100% agave products and at that time there were few if any "Gold" tequilas on the US market other than the standard mixto variety that most people are familiar with. I will now and in the future be adding notable varieties of Tequila Mixto, bottled in Mexico here in this section. Including examples of Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.

There are some very interesting labels and presentations of joven and/or mixto tequila so it became inportant to have a home for these products.
Most of what you'll find in this section will be tequila mixto of all categories but there are also some 100% agave products listed here that didn't exactly fit in the other sections.

Just getting going on this section. There will be many new postings here soon.

The tequila in these tours is just a small fraction of what has been or is available. Indeed, they barely scratch the surface. The Tequila Tours will continue to be a work in progress as I will add new products along with contributions from other aficionados and collectors.