Mexico produces a countless variety of spirits as diverse as the cuisine that varies from region to region. In this section I will add products that for whatever reason seem to be of interest or just simply as I come across them. For the most part products listed in this section will be somewhat related to the subject of tequila but not necessarily. Mezcal will be listed here which obviously could and should have a category of it's own, as well as other agave based drinks such as Raicilla, Bacanora, Sotol and others. Not surprisingly with it's abundance of produce there are also a great number of fruit based liqueurs produced in Mexico. Many of which are used in making tequila based cocktails. Rum certainly deserves mention as it out sells tequila in Mexico and the country produces well over 10 million proof gallons a year. However at least at the moment I do not have any examples listed here. Though like mezcal there are plenty of rum labels to warrant it's own tour or website for that matter, Mexican rum is not as accessible here in the U.S. due to a monopoly on the market from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the form of duty free exports.

The spirits in this tour is just a small fraction of what has been or is available in and from Mexico. Indeed, they barely scratch the surface. As with the Tequila Tours this section will continue to be a work in progress as I will add new products along with contributions from other aficionados and collectors. If you have any favorites or suggestions please feel free to drop me a line.