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Save 50% on Spirits of Mexico tickets with purchase of Lobster Bus 4 tickets!
Special deal for those attending the Lobster Bus.
Buy Lobster Bus Tickets here first and we'll send you the details on how to get Spirits of Mexico Tickets for half price.

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The Lobster Bus - From San Diego to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico:
Puerto Nuevo is about an hour or so south of the border and was once a small fishing village. In the 1950's the first commercial restaurant began serving local lobster here and through the years it's become more and more popular with Southern Californians who drive down for the bargain priced "Baja Lobster". The spot is now known as "Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village" and is home to dozens of restaurants, all serving basically the same thing, Local lobster, prepared and served "Baja Style". At most of the restaurants the lobsters come out split and cooked. The traditional way to cook them is deep frying, but they are available grilled or steamed upon request. Beans, rice and tortillas are also served from bowls on the table, with drawn butter and salsa also to be passed around.

The day after the "Spirits of Mexico" excursion to "Lobster Village" had become somewhat of a tradition for some of us. It's a great way to spend the Sunday after The Polished Palate's storied Tequila Bash. In 2006 we booked a bus and opened it up to anyone interested. That year we easily filled a 44 person bus and it was a huge success. We booked two buses for LB2 and again for LB3 last year. Twice the people! Twice the Lobster! Twice the Tequila! After 3 short years the Lobster Bus is almost legendary and the legend will continue in 2009. Even with two buses we expect to fill up quickly. Be sure and reserve your spot as soon as possible. You won't want to miss LOBSTER BUS 4.

ATTENTION: Latest Passport Information for crossing the Border.
On June 1, 2009, U.S. citizens returning home from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda, by land or sea, will be required to present one of the travel documents listed below.

Many of these documents are already available, and obtaining one now will ensure that you are ready on June 1, 2009, when they will be required.

U.S. Passport – This is an internationally recognized travel document that verifies a person’s identity and nationality. It is accepted for travel by air, land and sea.

U.S. Passport Card – This is a new, limited-use travel document that fits in your wallet and costs less than a U.S. Passport. It is only valid for travel by land and sea.

The Cost:
$80.00 USD per person. This price covers everything needed for a great day in Mexico. Obviously your seat on the bus and the recommended "medium" lobster. Every person will be covered for a Medium Baja Lobster which includes all of the sides served "family style". For those with special needs or interested in something besides lobster this can be worked out at the restaurant but in an effort to keep things as simple and smooth as possible the price will be the same for everyone. Tequila Los Abuelos is providing tequila for the entire group and all set ups are included. Soft Drinks and Bottled Water Included (Cerveza at the restaurant is not covered). We are hiring Mexicoach Buses and drivers. This fee will reserve you a spot on the Bus and cover the entire round trip fare. There will also be pop, bottled water and cerveza provided on the bus and included with your reservation. Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the bus.

The last two years Tequila Fortaleza (formerly Los Abuelos) very graciously and enthusiastically jumped on board in support of the Lobster Bus by providing it's ultra-premium tequila for the festivities. Los Abuelos continues to be the primary sponsor for this years Lobster Buses. Tequila Fortaleza will be delivered fresh from Destileria La Fortaleza in Tequila, Mexico directly to the restaurant in Puerto Nuevo. Destileria La Fortaleza is the antiquated factory that was restored by Guillermo E. Sauza, where a Tahona is used to crush 100% of the agave used to make Tequila Fortaleza. As this shipment to the restaurant will be domestic inside Mexico, these bottles will be the Mexican labeled versions or possibly even labeled as Los Abuelos. We are so very fortunate to have such an upscale tequila brand like Fortaleza sponsoring the Lobster Bus! Baja Lobster in Puerto Nuevo with Tequila Fortaleza on your table to be enjoyed as you please. Sipped or mixed in a cocktail. There may be another perk or two as well for those that attend. In addition Guillermo E. Sauza has agreed to offer factory prices for anyone interested in purchasing bottles of Tequila Fortaleza (Maybe Tequila Los Abuelos) to bring back. These prices may be significantly lower than what retail is in the USA. Anyone interested in this needs to place an order by letting me know by September 1st. They can pay for the tequila at the restaurant but Guillermo needs to know what to have delivered in addition to what will be provided for the lunch.

Note: The Lobster Bus has proven to be a popular excursion on Spirits of Mexico weekend. Like last year we are taking two buses but fully expect to fill them both. Those interested should confirm their spots as soon as possible.

The best way to reserve your spots on the Lobster Buses is to buy your tickets on-line through PayPal's Secure site. You do not have to have a PayPal account and can use any credit card. Just click the "Pay Now" button provided above.

For other reservation or Lobster Bus questions please contact Mark at:

San Ysidro and The Border
Meet at the Mexicoach Lot in San Ysidro, near the border where we board the bus. Everyone will be responsible for their own transportation to San Ysidro. The San Diego Trolley System has a good number of stops downtown and runs to San Ysidro. If you drive? Parking is available at a number of Pay Lots but a good one seems to be Border Station Parking. They have a website at: that includes maps to their lot which is quite close to the Mexicoach lot where we board the buses.

Note: While the Parking lots at the border are noted for every ones convenience we would highly recommend getting to San Ysidro via the Trolly or a Cab. It's probably no secret that a good deal of the Bus goers get back in the afternoon "feeling no pain". Taking an alternate mode of transportation or at least having a Designated Driver is a very wise option!

There is also good information about getting to the Border at: - and -
We'll make sure that everyone going will have a map of the area and Lobster Bus Helpers cell phone numbers so they can easily find the Mexicoach Lot.

11:00AM - NOON: Puerto Nuevo - Lobster Village
We'll be shooting for 11:00AM but this will depend on how soon we get everyone on the buses in San Ysidro. We'll unwind, dine and imbibe in Puerto Nuevo. As the lunch and festivities wind down everyone will have a little time to walk around the Lobster Village. There is a decent sized Liquor Store with a good selection of Tequila along with other shops and street markets. It's a very nice little village right on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

2:00PM - 3:00PM: Depart Lobster Village
After lunch and a little looking around we'll get back on the Bus and head back towards Tijuana. The last two years we stopped at an excellent liquor store with a huge selection of tequila. We'll almost definitely stop at this same location again. It's about half way back and perfect for this trip.

4:00PM - 5:00PM: Back Across The Border to San Ysidro
We'll return to San Ysidro and the US side of the Border somewhere between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM. This is necessary because our 8 hour Bus charter window would end at 6:00PM.

Advantages of taking our Mexicoach Bus:
• The driver knows where the heck he is going
• The Border crossing on the return trip is much smoother. Mexicoach has a special border - crossing lane for this purpose. Buses and cars do not share the same lane and these lanes can get congested!
• Did I mention? Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the bus.

¡Muchas Gracias y Feliz Viaje!