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-----I don't have a "professional" background or training when it comes to analyzing any spirit. Any knowledge I may or may not have would come from reading, research and my own personal experience (let's just call it field work). Most people from this country respected for their prowess in analyzing tequila have borrowed skills and techniques acquired from tasting wine or other spirits. I respect these professionals for their expertise but PocoTequila.Com nor I belong in that category. I personally find most reviews to be somewhat pompous in nature. However it is a good way to point out noteworthy products so I will continue to use a basic "STAR" rating system. I'm in no way a professional taster and have no aspirations to be, but like so many others I do usually have an opinion. Please consider my ratings a general guideline for products of note. As one continues to try more and more tequila I think it becomes apparent how foolish it is try and make an exact science out something so purely subjective. Not to mention there are just so many options when it comes to drinking tequila. New products enter the market consistently while others disappear. For those that find one they consider the best of all, it makes you wonder why then even try other products. Probably because the quest for a great tequila is what we all enjoy so we keep looking. My web-site and research encourages me to keep looking. We should enjoy sampling the various and never-ending brands of tequila but it's not feasible to try them all at once or side by side to make truly absolute comparisons. I try not to take the process too seriously and neither should you. Honestly, I feel it's best to try as many different tequilas as possible to determine what varieties, brands and even distilleries might be your favorites. No preconceived notions. No pressure. Keep it fun. It should be a pleasure.

-----I'm referring to a particular point of contention that I've found extremely frustrating when reading the ratings of many reviewers, both with and without credentials. That is the practice of comparing aged tequila to un-aged tequila. It does not appear to me to be a logical, fair or even practical approach. This was probably my primary reason to provide my own system of rating. I wanted to make what I feel is an obvious point. Tequila blanco, reposado, and añejo should not be rated on the same scale but have each category rated for it's own unique characteristics. This is also a large reason why I so clearly gave each category its own respective section. It may be appropriate to compare the obvious differences of tequila añejo, reposado and blanco for the sake of argument or defining the category but it makes no sense at all to rate a tequila blanco in relation to an aged tequila on a scale of quality or better taste. It brings to mind the old saying, "comparing apples to oranges" which suggests the futility of trying to do so. I've come in contact with a large number of tequila aficionados and most have their own preference as to which category they generally prefer. Many drinkers do swear by the cognac style, oak flavors and smoothness characteristic in tequila añejo. Others have related a preference of tequila blanco for its purer form and stronger agave flavor, often claiming that aged tequila is too reminiscent of other spirits like bourbon. Many more would, and do, choose tequila reposado for possibly having benefits derived from the other two. It's not uncommon to observe sites or reviewers using a system that commonly rates tequila añejo with 5 or more stars, and yet the very best tequila reposado being rated at 3 stars. Then further suggesting that this reposado is still better than any tequila blanco could ever hope to be. You may have seen this concept of rating tequila as well and this is specifically my bone of contention. There is an obvious flaw in this practice. If you were to adhere to this system than what is actually being perpetuated is that the best tequila must be añejo. If you can't find or afford añejo than reposado may suffice as an inferior substitute and only choose blanco as a last resort. I say Caca del toro! (pardon my French). Many tequila lovers, myself included, truly enjoy the unique qualities of each category without implying one must be better than the other. There's no question of a difference but one category is not necessarily superior to another. As with anything regarding “taste” it is simply a matter of preference.

Please keep this in mind above all else when exploring the various categories on this site. ALL RATINGS AT POCOTEQUILA.COM ARE ON A SCALE WITHIN THAT DESIGNATED CATEGORY.