Reposado is Spanish for 'rested' and though the term could be used for a 100% agave or a mixto it is mostly used for the former. To become a reposado the tequila must be rested in wooden tanks or barrels for a minimum of two months. It can be rested as long as eleven months ( a year or longer and it is classified as tequila añejo ) but is usually not done for more than six.

If you are new to 100% agave tequila I would recommend you start with a reposado which are normally smoother than the blancos while hopefully retaining the tequilas agave roots. While surfing my "REPOSADO TOUR" you may notice many more tequilas listed compared to the other sections. This is due to several factors. One is availability. I enjoy a good blanco as much if not more than a good reposado, however there is just simply more reposado tequila on the market. Another factor is definitely value. Tequila in the añejo category can be very expensive and though they are very well represented in the market place, their price tags may limit consumption. Preference is also a reason as I truly like reposados for their versatility. A good reposado is an excellent choice when buying tequila though I definitely tend to prefer the ones that have not taken on too much flavor of the wooden tanks or barrels they were rested in.

The tequila in these tours is just a small fraction of what has been or is available. Indeed, they barely scratch the surface. The Tequila Tours will continue to be a work in progress as I will add new products along with contributions from other aficionados and collectors.