• NOM 1122 •

Ex Hacienda Los Camachines

• Importer •

Skyy Spirits

You can't talk about 1800 without mentioning Cuervo because after all that is who makes it. The truth is great lengths have been taken to separate 1800 from the Cuervo name. Early in Tequila 1800's history it was often labeled as Cuervo 1800. Later and more recent versions no longer used the Cuervo name but the Cuervo crest was still seen on some labels. Now the transformation is complete and there is no mention of Cuervo anywhere on 1800 products. I don't know the exact nature of the new relationship with Cuervo and Skyy Spirits but Skyy seems to have complete control over 100% agave imports coming out of the Los Camachines factory. The 1800 and Gran Centenario brands are both produced at Los Camachines (NOM 1122, which used to be referred to as "Casa Cuervo") and imported by Skyy Spirits.
Skyy doesn't hold back with website design either and recently gave the 1800 site a slick, new face-lift: 1800tequila.com

Mexican versions of 1800 blanco and reposado have wooden stopper, while US versions have a glass stopper.