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La Cofradia, S.A. DE C.V.

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The La Cofradía Distillery was founded in 1992 and has produced 100% agave tequila for a large number of other companies. I have noticed that tequila from this distillery is often bottled in very beautiful containers. Ceramics seem to be a popular choice as seen in such products as El Tirador and the recognizable Casa Noble line. This, the companies proprietary lable of 'La Cofradia' obviously is a wonderful example. The vessal pictured above contains sixth month reposado and is labeled as La Cofradía - Edicion Iguanas. There is another edition with the same tequila bottled in another stoneware vase type container called "Edicion Flower." I had seen pictures of these great bottles before but have yet to run across any in person and believe they are only available in Mexico if indeed they are still available at all. A local restaurant owned and operated by the Granados family had this tequila in there well stocked bar. Hector Granados was kind enough to let me get this picture after I puchased a shot of the reposado for $10.00. I can't give a fair evaluation because like many bottles sealed with cork that has been opened for awhile air had obviously affected the tequila and it had lost a great deal of it's alcohol content. No regrets and I had to try it.