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Tequila Eucario González, S.A. DE C.V.

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On my Tres Rios Reposado page I mentioned the lack of 100% agave products I'd seen from Tequila Eucario González. After reading the page a well versed tequila fan from Southern California pointed out the XR Azul label produced at this older factory. He claimed XR Azul to be one of his favorites while sadly acknowledging the brand had not been seen for a long time. Coincidently after hearing about this brand for the first time I was to visit Los Cabos the following week. The first afternoon in Cabo San Lucas while eating at Pancho's we spied a bottle of XR Azul but it was only for display purposes. A few days later in San Jose del Cabo we found a store with two dusty old bottles of this tequila on a back shelf. As the picture above attests there was only one bottle of XR Azul on that shelf after we left.