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The bottle of Tequila Sauza on the left was found in a West Texas home that was built around the same time as prohibition. I believe from the label that it may date from 1924. It states "M. Ind. RTRDA. No.23241-19 de Marzo 1924". The label states (under picture of factory) Fabrica Establecida 1879. Eladio Sauza - Casa En Guadalajara.

Eladio Sauza was the son of Don Cenobio Sauza the original founder of Tequila Sauza. Eladio took over Sauza after his fathers death in 1906 and ran the company until the 1931. That definitely puts this bottle somewhere between 1924 and 1931.

This had to be an interesting period for Tequila Sauza because in 1919 the US Congress adopted the Volstead Act, a law that provided the enforcement of the 18th Amendment - 'Prohibition.' The law was in effect from 1920 to 1933 when the US ratified the 21st Amendment to end national prohibition.

Due to prohibition over 1 million gallons of liquor per year was smuggled into the United States from Canada during the late 1920's. Though I have not found any statistics on the amount of Tequila smuggled into the US at that time, I think its safe to say there were probably a lot of these bottles floating around West Texas in those days.
centenario elcaballito elviejito hornitos
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providencia sanmatias sanmatias2 viuda
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These Mexican labels are pre NOM and most likely for tequila of the mixto variety, however from a time when regulations required there to be at least 70% agave.