There are those that would tell you mixing drinks with a 100% percent Agave Tequila is sacrilegious. That it smothers the agave flavor. Others might say you haven't had a real Margarita until you've had one made properly with a 100% Agave Tequila. While I agree that mixing very expensive tequila may be some what of a waste I have also found that just about any cocktail that calls for tequila or many other spirits can be greatly improved with a 100% agave tequila. In fact I've found that the flavor of agave adds a wonderful compliment to cocktails and especially fruit based drinks.

There are some expansive lists elsewhere on the internet but here are a few examples of the basics and favorites we make at home on a regular basis. Remember you're using natural tequila and it is always best to use natural ingredients when possible. I suggest a good 100% agave blanco or light reposado. When making drinks I also look for value when I can find it. Some good and often readily available choices that are priced around $20 per 750ml bottle are brands like; Sauza Hornitos, Cuervo Tradicional, Tequila 30-30 and now 1800 Silver. These 100% agave products are economical and have subtle, if any wood tones. If you move into the $30 range there are more good choices like Cazadores, Don Julio Silver, El Tesoro Platinum and Tres Generaciones Plata.