1-1/2 Jiggers 100% agave Tequila Reposado

1/2 ounce lime juice (or juice of 1/2 a small Mexican lime)

6 ounces Squirt® (refresco de toronja / grapefruit soda)

1/4 cup crushed or small cubed ice

Serve in a salt rimmed highball glass. It's also customary to add a pinch of salt in the drink and not salt the rim.

The Paloma has become our favorite tequila cocktail for making at home but this drink is especially suited for ordering in Mexico. One might describe it as a sort of carbonated margarita and it is somewhat similar but a Paloma is much simpler and faster to make. It's also great because it's a hard drink to screw up. I don't have a huge amount of history on the cocktail but it's most commonly called a Paloma (dove) but also a "fresca" in some regions of Mexico. Asking for one in the US will often be met with a confused look though we are starting to see the occasional bar or restaurant with some version of the drink.

While in Mexico try ordering a Paloma . If they're not familiar with this name try asking for "Refesco de Toronja con Tequila" or even a "Squirt con Tequila". Get more specific by ordering a Squirt con Cazadores, Squirt con Hornitos, etc. T
hey usually know what you're after and likely recognize that you're a little more discriminating than the average tourist. I love a well prepared Margarita but it's also quite rare to find one and they always differ from one place to another. If you've found this to be true as well try a Paloma and I think you'll be converted. They're extremely refreshing and consistent.