2 oz. 100% agave Tequila

4 oz Agua de Mango ( Mango Water ) see note below

3/4 oz Chambord

1/4 cup crushed or small cubed ice

Shake Tequila, Agua de Mango and ice in cocktail shaker and pour into chilled glass. Float Chambord on top.

Note: Aguas Frescas are fresh fruit drinks commonly sold at street stands throughout Mexico. They are made with a combination of fresh fruit, water and sugar. In this case I used 3 ripe mangos peeled, pitted and pureed with cold water. Strain pulp into pitcher and add enough cold water to make about 1 1/2 quarts. Sweeten to taste. I use to add sugar but we're using Agave Nectar for this purpose more and more often.