About a block or so off the town square in Tequila, Jalisco is El Bar La Capilla (the chapel). The owner/bartender of this great little establishment is Don Javier Delgado Corona, a delightful and generous man who I believe is about 83 years old. Don Javier is a well respected and valued treasure of the town. Many prominent figures in the town and industry often frequent La Capilla to visit with Don Javier. Recently the word seems to be getting out and La Capilla is becoming a "must see" for tequila aficionados on pilgrimage to Tequila. Javier is a long time friend of the family who owns and operates the El Tequileño tequila factory that's located just up the hill from La Capilla. His signature drink is the Batanga made with El Tequileño Blanco and Coke with a little salt and fresh lime. The El Tequileño company was founded in 1959 and Javier created his original Batanga recipe in 1961.

Javier's recipe in Spanish:

Vaso Escarchado, Limón, Una Pisca de Sal, Mucho Hielo, Porcion Generosa de Tequila " El Tequileño Blanco", Con Refresco de Cola - Agitar y Salud

Roughly translated:

Squeeze juice from wedge of fresh lime over ice in a frosted hi-ball glass with a salted rim. Combine a generous amount Tequila Blanco and mix with Cola. Stir and enjoy.

Hints: Though you can substitute any tequila blanco, Javier wouldn't dream of using anything other than El Tequileño.

Additionally if you're trying to replicate the true essence of Javier's Batanga I would also recommend finding bottles of Coke® from Mexico. Coca-Cola® produced in the United States is made with cheaper high-fructose corn syrup. Mexican Coke® on the other hand uses pure sugar cane syrup which delivers a fuller, sweeter flavor than the U.S. version. You can normally find Mexican bottled Cola in the ethnic section of you grocery store or even sources on-line. One taste of a Batanga made with these simple ingredients takes me right back to El Bar La Capilla and the hospitality of Don Javier.